Parasailing in Provincetown, MA

We welcome you to Provincetown Parasail for excellent parasailing fun in the Provincetown, MA area. Our beach activities are based at the northern tip of Cape Cod and provide an excellent variety of fun for all ages, from youths to adults. The thrill of flying is an exciting process, and gives a wonderful view of Provincetown while you're up in the air.

To parasail is a breathtaking experience with the power of great wind currents and the cool ocean breeze. Years of experience under our belt allows us to safely get you in the air while sailing and maneuvering. It is a must in Provincetown, MA, and we encourage everyone, young or old to strap in to get a new view for awhile. We guarantee exhilarating fun for you and the whole family. Whether you want excellent sights of the Cape Cod coastline or want to be dunked several times in the water, we offer stimulating outdoor air and water sports for you and your family. Just ask and we provide. Let us help you find your wings.

For more on what we offer you in the Provincetown, MA area, contact Provincetown Parasail at (857) 423-9467 today! We look forward to bringing your visit to Cape Cod to new heights with our fun activities!

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